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Website Development Process

Building website is complicated business. Not only does your website need to look good, but it also needs to function well, be organized and attract search engines. I can walk you through the different parts of a website and help you understand the website development process. Additionally, here’s an article with more information about how to choose a website designer/developer.

Some of the steps that may be needed to build your website

Client analysis
The following are analyzed: competitor websites, social media presence, current website, marketing channels, goal of website, etc.

Has a domain name already been purchased?
If no, appropriate domains need to be researched. Often purchasing several names is desirable. Consideration should be taken for search engine optimization, ease of spelling, length, memorability and availability.

Has hosting already been purchased?

  • If yes, hosting account needs to be analyzed to determine its appropriateness for a WordPress platform. Adjustments to hosting plan may be needed
  • f no, purchase of hosting suitable for WordPress is required.

Does the company have a logo?

  • If yes, is it up to date? Does it need optimizing for use on a website?
  • If no, a logo should be created.

Does a website currently exist?
If yes, does information from the current website need saving? Access credentials need to be obtained in order to log into the hosting account and save the files and databases from the current website.

Template purchase
An extension search of available templates will be conducted in order to find one that has the correct functionality, layout options and general feel desired for the site.

WordPress installation
The WordPress platform gets loaded onto the hosting, along with the template.

WordPress plugins
Plugins give your website great functionality. They are often free but sometimes must be purchased.

The installation is customized, plugins are researched and installed.

Illustrations and stock imagery are usually needed. These images will need to be researched and purchased or created, edited and placed in the website

Text editing and placement
Text needs to be collected, edited, updated, formatted and placed. If necessary, additional copy needs to be written.

Search engine optimization
Basic search engine optimization is performed on each page. Additional levels of search engine optimization may be added to your website project.

Traffic monitoring*
Google Analytics can be set up for the client and incorporated into WordPress

Custom programming*
Custom programming is used to fix small formatting issues or to add functionality

Social media*
If needed, social media accounts can be created and education will be given on the best ways to keep them updated and providing relevant posts for your audience

Client education
Time is spent with client to teach them how to perform updates on the website


Domain name: the online address associated with your website
Hosting: the file space allocated for your website files on a server
Template/Theme: the design of your website
WordPress: a content management system
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

*These services may cost extra